Go beyond in the management of your Digital Content with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence for managing digital assets in the cloud. With Assetway, this is a reality available to you.

Big teams go further with Assetway

In a single day, we generate more content than in the whole Middle Age. That said, it is easy to get lost and have a hard time streamlining our workflow. Assetway is a cloud platform so you can enrich, store your images, audios and videos and then find them by their content. Find an audio by a spoken word, an important person featured in a photo or even by a logo on the scene.

Well beyond organizing, searching and distributing. Enriching digital assets.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to extract diverse contents, such as landscapes, speeches, people, colors, emotions and varied elements of videos, audios, texts and images. In addition to that, Assetway also enriches content with metadata, tags and descriptions.

Take control over your digital assets.

Consolidate Your Data

Disorganization of digital content within companies is quite usual. With Assetway, we clean and maintain it all within a single, secure and scalable environment. Thus, enabling centralization in a specialized and modern platform.

Find it quickly

Assetway’s search engine is based on Google’s intelligence to enable you to find your content, simply and quickly. Forget the traditional methods of advanced search – find what you want by organized Collections, Tags and Smart Searches.

Empower Your Team

Allow access to thousands of users, distributing information and allowing greater engagement, such as digital collections, intelligent libraries with specific contents, among others. Distribute to teams or to the entire organization in a controlled and secure environment. Free yourself to do more with Assetway.



Companies are increasingly producing high volumes of images, audios and videos, as well as building very expressive collections. Indexing and locating these files is a daily challenge as it requires infrastructure, security, and organization.

Generation of Metadata through Artificial Intelligence
Audio and video transcription
Detection of objects, scenes and activities
Facial recognition
Instant location of audio by its content
Search result by timestamp
Creation of galleries with their digital content
Possibility of integration with systems
Digital cultural collections

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What is DAM?

DAM is short for Digital Asset Management, a platform that stores, organizes and allows to easily find audio, video and image files.

Is Assetway a EDM (Electronic Document Management System)?

Assetway is not a EDMS, but it brings together some features and functionalities of this concept. Assetway's focus is on audio, video, and image files, not documents and spreadsheets, for example.

What types of files can I store in Assetway?

It is possible to store any type of file and take advantage of all the structural features that Assetway offers. However, for audio, video and image files, besides the traditional mode of storage and indexing it is also possible to apply our artificial intelligence to transcribe audios and videos, as well as to capture the elements of an image or video to make it searchable by its content.

Is it safe to store my files in Assetway?

Yes, it is extremely secure because your data will be on Google's infrastructure, on the same level offered for services like Youtube, Gmail, Search, Cloud Platform and other services.

Do I need to have a server or physical infrastructure?

No, it is not, as Assetway is a 100% Cloud service. This is one of the great advantages of using our solution as you do not have to acquire physical infrastructure, which in turn generates a lot of savings and a high level of service.